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Holidaying 2 — Revenge of the sequel

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Apparently it’s nondenominational gift-giving season. Again. I’m not sure how that happened — it just sort of… did. It was fall, the days were getting shorter, I had filled the garage with more leaves than you can possibly imagine, politicians were behaving badly when suddenly, about a week before Halloween Hallowe’en Mediocre Candy Day the first store displays and TV ads started to appear and the obligatory seasonal weirdness started to ramp up. Now, a […]

Flogging. (An electrically-powered yet still moribund equine.)

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One should always beware of generalizations. Well, almost always. F=ma — except when it doesn’t. Rabbits eat carrots — if they’re drawn that way. The Coriolis effect (not) affects your toilet — in cartoons. Life is full of exceptions. Of subtleties. Of nuance. So it’s best to beware of overly-general statements. Anyway. All of this is because I was going to start with the statement I like technology but I thought better of it — […]

Gapping (not spark plugs though)

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A gentleman who I think lives in Vancouver asked for stories about the struggle to close the gap between an idea and its realization. Well, that’s kind of the story of my life, isn’t it? So I tried to think of an example and the first thing that came to mind was that time I tried to modify seven gecos fields simultaneously while dynamically merging five different password files. It didn’t work, of course — […]


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I didn’t shave today. Despite being touted (well, sort of) by one of the largest newspapers in the country as an authority (or at least an enthusiast) on scraping the hairs from one’s face, most days I don’t. It’s not that I think that looking like a hobo is particularly becoming, it’s just that I’m fundamentally a lazy person. And besides — I really don’t feel particularly comfortable applying sharpened steel to my throat while […]


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So last week we went to the farmers’ market. I’ve mentioned it before. More than once. Heck, way more than once — so many more that I can’t be bothered to count. (I think I’ve only mentioned bedpans once, though.) Anyway. We were at the market. (One of them — we have two within a couple of kilometres of the front door.)  And we were there for a reason — we needed groceries. And with […]