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Despite the fact that I do not own any rubber clothing (well, none that fits me, anyway), I did it again. Yesterday (in this context, ‘yesterday’ means ‘sometime in the unspecified-but-probably-comparatively-recent past) being Monday, there was hockey. Additionally, it being winter it was at the arena nine kilometres away from home. (The summer venue is about three kilometres farther) so the trip there was moderately long. Even more additionally, since it was late afternoon there […]


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I spend a lot of time in the back room which, for historical reasons, is called ‘The Hole.’ Unlike most holes, though, it’s bright and sunny and bright sunny rooms can be good for frequently gloomy middle-aged guys. It’s also full of toys. I like toys. (Of course I like toys. All middle-aged guys, gloomy or not, like toys.) And finally, I have approximately seven metres of music back there. From this you can conclude […]


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There’s this illustration. I won’t say that ‘everyone’ has seen it, I won’t say that ‘you’ have seen it but a lot of people have; it’s moderately famous. (Probably because it was used as the cover art for an issue of The New Yorker some years back.) It illustrates a couple of points but I’m mainly thinking of one: People tend to think of things that are farther away than some critical distance as just […]