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Motivating. (And counting.) Not really a travelogue at all.

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A couple of weeks back I was sitting at the curling club after beating up some old men and — for reasons I can’t begin to guess — one of them asked me to ‘explain blogging.’ Naturally, I provided a thoughtful, balanced and insightful opinion: “It’s about narcissism.” “Is that all? I thought there’d be more to it.” “Not really. Everyone has at least one thing they can drone on and on about until they […]


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There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. Actually, Jane, there was. It was a nice day, not being November and all. There was weeding to be done (there’s always weeding to be done) but I didn’t feel like doing it. Which probably just means I was lazy but I might have been a little worried about violent backyard confrontations that might lead to exsanguination. And besides, there were some frogs at the […]

Designing. Shoeing. (Is that even a word?)

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(Apparently it is and it even has multiple meanings and definitions. I like this one best, though. But I digress.) Form follows function. That’s a principle usually attributed to a dead architect; I don’t claim to understand all of its nuances, subtleties and implications but it seems to me that it means that at least some of the features of a thing should be inspired by what that thing is going to be used for. (The dead architect was […]


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There are downsides to being a writer. So I’ve been told. I mean, I wouldn’t know. I’m a babbler, I’m a scribbler, I’m a self-indulgent noodler. (Can you sing that?) In other words, not a writer. At least, not a real one. Definitely not one with a capital letter. Despite not having personal experience in this area, there are tons of helpful people on the internet (Helpful people? On the internet? Are you INSANE?) who […]


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(Oh no, not again.) Fans are a little like nails. Well, one kind of nail anyway. A little. Sometimes. If you wear the right hat. By which I mean that the loss, absence or failure of a comparatively minor thing can have unexpected consequences. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. At the end of ‘Installing‘ I said Until they did it to us again the next year. which sort of implies a sequel to […]