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Holidaying 2 — Revenge of the sequel

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Apparently it’s nondenominational gift-giving season. Again. I’m not sure how that happened — it just sort of… did. It was fall, the days were getting shorter, I had filled the garage with more leaves than you can possibly imagine, politicians were behaving badly when suddenly, about a week before Halloween Hallowe’en Mediocre Candy Day the first store displays and TV ads started to appear and the obligatory seasonal weirdness started to ramp up. Now, a […]


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Intelligence is rare. The other day (Well, it was a little longer than ‘the other day.’ One of the many consequences of age — and it’s nowhere near the worst one — is the ‘compression’ of past events so that something that happened a long time ago ‘feels’ like last week — or even yesterday. It kinda sucks but a lot of things suck worse. I’m not alone in this — even technology sometimes suffers from the same problem and […]


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I’ve mentioned before that I’m easily confused. Especially by odd (by my definition of course; your mileage may vary) things that people say or do. This is probably the reason that I’ve written a lot about various ‘adventures’ I’ve had with the healthcare industry. (It’s not really an industry, but I can’t think of a better word right now.) With healthcare you have people (sometimes confusing), technology (often confusing) bureaucracy (almost always confusing) and politics […]


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There’s this illustration. I won’t say that ‘everyone’ has seen it, I won’t say that ‘you’ have seen it but a lot of people have; it’s moderately famous. (Probably because it was used as the cover art for an issue of The New Yorker some years back.) It illustrates a couple of points but I’m mainly thinking of one: People tend to think of things that are farther away than some critical distance as just […]