This isn’t obsolete, exactly, but has been ‘revised’, expanded and separated into two parts; you can find them here (About me) and here (About Rose).

Many years ago (December 1984) there was an article in New Scientist (I have a photocopy of the article in the house somewhere but cannot find it) that talked about things one should know if one was planning to obtain a Ph.D. It was intended to be humourous but still made several excellent points. One of them made reference to Sheldrake’s Theory of Morphic Resonance; the author made the point that if everyone in your field has (say) misquoted a particular source for fifty years then who are you to fly in the face of tradition? His suggestion?  Resonate.

That’s more or less what I’m going to do here — resonate: since people talk about themselves, I will too.

Well, up to a point — I’ll mostly talk about Rose Glace.

Rose Glace is a pseudonym. (No, really?) There’s a story behind that.

A small story.

Once upon a time (spring, 2004) I started playing what was then a fairly new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game; the example that you’re most likely to have heard of is probably World of Warcraft due to their TV ads featuring a minor but colourful 1980’s TV actor.) called City of Heroes. It’s gone now.

At the time in CoH, character names (and, by extension, player names) had to be unique. So when I designed my first character — it was a Tanker in red leather with a funny hat — I had to think of a name that hadn’t been taken. I tried one. It was taken. I tried another — also taken.  I repeated this process for, well, a surprisingly long time.  Finally, the name ‘Red Lagomorph’ (Scarlet Lagomorph was too long) wasn’t taken. The second character I created (one that existed until CoH was shut down in November of 2012) was a Defender in glossy black spandex. That time the naming process included trying ‘Black Rose’ (which was taken) and ‘Rose Noir’ (which was not). Since that day most of the characters I’ve created in that (and other) games have had names of the form ‘Rose Something’ where ‘Something’ is a word in French that sort of reflects some aspect of the character. I don’t claim that the grammar is correct, though — my French isn’t good enough to tell.

Early on there was a game ‘powerset’ called Ice Armour which had a reputation for being underpowered and somewhat… difficult. Since I have a tendency to be somewhat difficult myself, it was somehow inevitable that I should create a character that used it. The name? ‘Rose Glace’ of course. I’ve used that as a pseudonym for several years now.

It’s also Friendface’s fault, sort of. I talk a bit about it here.

So that’s who I am, or at least who I claim to be. (Unless you were expecting some IRL stuff. In that case, I’m just a fiftysomething guy with a graduate degree in Nothing — the biggest Nothing(s) in the universe — and a career in IT. There are hints to more in some of the posts.)

What do I Intend for this space? My first post was a year and a half ago and I still don’t really know. So far it has mostly been a recounting of anecdotes, of vignettes, of things that have made me smile or made me scratch my head or that have just bugged me. (I talked about this a little in ‘Pondering’. A little.) Will this continue? To be honest, I have no idea.


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