About Rose

Rose Glace is a pseudonym. (No, really.) Rose doesn’t actually exist.

But she did. Sort of.

Rose Glace was a virtual person in a virtual world. I say ‘was’ because she’s gone now. The virtual world that she inhabited no longer exists except in stories because it was shut down amid… controversy… in late 2012. She’s not in any of the stories so that means that she’s dead. Guess that badge was wrong.

Once upon a time (spring, 2004 — I wasn’t ‘present’ at game rollout but I came along not that long after) I started playing what was then a fairly new MMORPG called City of Heroes (In case you’re not a gamer, MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game; the one that you’re most likely to have heard of is probably World of Warcraft due to their ubiquitous late-night TV ads featuring a minor but colourful 1980’s TV actor).

In CoH and at least some other MMORPGs, character names (and by extension player names) had to be unique. So when I designed my first character (a Tanker in red leather with a funny hat) I had to think of a name that hadn’t been taken, that I liked and that wasn’t too lame. I tried one. It was taken. I tried a second one — it was taken too. I tried another one — you can kind of guess where I’m going with this; I repeated the process for, well, longer than I care to recall. I got close with the name ‘Scarlet Lagomorph’ — I liked it, it wasn’t lame or taken but was vetoed anyway. Too long they said (fifteen characters was the limit IIRC). Despite that, it wasn’t much of a stretch to try ‘Red Lagomorph’, which, as it turned out, wasn’t taken, wasn’t too long and was deemed acceptable by the offensive name filter. The second character I created (one that existed until CoH was shut down in November of 2012) was a Defender in glossy black spandex. That time the naming process included trying ‘Black Rose‘ (which was taken) and ‘Rose Noir‘ (which was not). Since that day most of the characters I’ve created in every game I’ve played have had names of the form ‘Rose Something’ where ‘Something’ is a word in French that sort of reflects some aspect of the character. I don’t claim that the grammar is correct, though — my French isn’t good enough to tell.

Early on there was a tanker ‘powerset’ called Ice Armour which had a reputation for being underpowered and somewhat difficult. Since I have a tendency to be somewhat difficult myself it was somehow inevitable that I should create a character that used it. The name? ‘Rose Glace‘ of course.

Rose was a tanker. Tankers have a MMORPG reputation for being large, tough, heavily armoured, hard to kill meat shields. Since I had that reputation for being difficult I went against type: Rose Glace was a five foot tall girl with pigtails, high heeled boots and a party dress. (Well, the closest I could get to a party dress. It didn’t matter much — one of the many complaints about Ice Armour was that the graphical effects completely obscured the character’s costume.)

She was my first (second if you want to be picky) Level Fifty in CoH, my first Incarnate, my main Hamidon raid toon (useful on and occasionally led at least three different teams) and the character I was logged on to when the servers went dark for the last time. (Flying back from the hospital after dying horribly in front of City Hall, if you must know.)

I’ve used her name as a pseudonym for several years now.

It’s also Friendface’s fault, sort of. I talk a bit about it here.

(An older version of this page can be found here.)


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