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Earth Day is, apparently, tomorrow today. And in that context a nice lady who likes Oxford commas (and who probably has a better relationship with her local fauna than I do) challenged me a bunch of folks to

…share an image that means “earth” to you — whether it’s a panorama of a landscape that takes your breath away, a close-up revealing a detail in nature, or another scene that honors the outdoors, we welcome your takes on the theme!


A photo challenge. One that’s topical (that’s good) and that’s also open to, um, ‘creative’ interpretation (even better). There’s just one problem — I don’t do photo challenges because I like to think I know my limitations and as a general rule I take pretty crappy pictures.

Except that I just took a couple that are sort of relevant (they have dirt in them and I understand it’s all about the dirt earth) because after removing six bags worth of debris from the rose garden (only another four or five to go) I wanted to document the process. Sort of.

Not exactly as shown.


Of course, thats not one of the pictures I took. That’s not what it looks like. That’s what it might look like in a month’s time, of course, because that’s what it did look like last May (the 28th if that matters).

This garden screams (no, brags) that despite the efforts of a clumsy, lazy, dimwitted guy (that would be me) it’s alive. This garden shouts “look at me” at passersby. This garden announces in no uncertain terms that summer is just around the corner. (Also, weeding is rather overdue. Lazy, remember?)

Of course, that last one also implies that it’s all downhill: it may scream ‘life’, but it also screams ‘ephemeral.’

And transient.

And fleeting.

But it doesn’t matter, because that’s not a picture I took yesterday. One picture I took yesterday (taken from roughly the same position) is below:

Couple days of sun, couple days of rain and you never know what might make an appearance.

It’s a lot less striking. It still proclaims ‘life’ but is less about plants getting old and having torrid sex than it is about rebirth and awakening and change and cycles

and potential.

And at this point in my life, ‘potential’ strikes a rather large chord. Larger than most.

(Plus it’s all about the dirt. And penguins, I suppose.)


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Rose Glace is the pseudonym of nobody important.


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