Month: Jul 2016


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I am not… There’s a lot of things I’m not. I am not an athlete. I am not a cow. I am not a Freudian. I am not a birder. There’s lots of things that I am not. Heck, the string ‘I am not’ appears more than twenty times on this blog. grep 'I am not' blog.postings | wc -l I am also not a photographer. Because of that, usually the weekly photo challenges that the nice people at […]

Harking — Yet Another Travelogue

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It’s July. And July means a bunch of things. It means spring is over — it’s now summer and that means the cicadas are buzzing and I can start mowing the lawn a little less, um, continuously. It means roses in the front yard. It means trophies, including my absolutely all-time favorite one. (My fingers grew back, thanks for asking.). And it means birthdays. Our friend to the south has one. ‘We‘ have one (good […]