Month: May 2016


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The tyranny of the blank page. H’m. I remember hearing this, um, a long time ago — back in the day when writing was typically done with a massive (meaning REALLY REALLY HEAVY when carried to school — words like ‘portable’ and ‘quiet’ meant something completely different in the 1950s) chunk of metal, cruft and bakelite on mashed up dead trees. (It probably predates that, of course, but I’m, um ‘mature’, not actually antediluvian. All […]

(Over) Thinking

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Intelligence is arguably the most significant development that evolution has brought to, um, ‘us.’ I’m not alone in thinking this — it’s even in ‘our’ name — Homo sapiens sapiens. Not only does it include the word ‘sapiens’ (wise, sort of), it appears twice.  It’s really important. Because of this, the history of mankind is full of breakthroughs, discoveries and inventions that have changed the world. (Sometimes even in a good way.) Arguably, thinking is […]

Seeing. Or not.

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Bananas. We were out of bananas. And that meant that I had to go to the store. Not just for bananas, you understand; I needed other stuff too. I’m too lazy — usually — to go to the store for just one thing. It’s just that bananas (like monkeys, farts and a few well-chosen words) are inherently funny. Anyway, when I went to the store my first thought was ‘mathematicians.’ My second was ‘pigeons.’ And […]