Month: Mar 2016


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It’s a dangerous world out there. It’s always been dangerous, of course, but we (the collective ‘we’, not ‘you and me’) keep finding new and different ways to jeopardise our very existence. The meal I’m planning for this evening? Apparently it’s potentially lethal — and not just because I’m not that good a cook. Write a blog post while sitting next to the router?  That might just be a bad idea. Order a cup of […]

Designing. Shoeing. (Is that even a word?)

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(Apparently it is and it even has multiple meanings and definitions. I like this one best, though. But I digress.) Form follows function. That’s a principle usually attributed to a dead architect; I don’t claim to understand all of its nuances, subtleties and implications but it seems to me that it means that at least some of the features of a thing should be inspired by what that thing is going to be used for. (The dead architect was […]


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The garden. It’s a war out there. “So, Hellpop — it had to be. The two of us side by side against the implacable foe.” Fred The quote to the right is taken wildly out of context, but Judah/Fred (Fred is, after all, an excellent name) could be talking about dandelions. Or buttercups — nothing says ‘implacable’ quite like buttercups. He could be talking about lots of things. Of course, gardening isn’t really a war. […]