Month: January 2016

Searching. Again. (Or not.)

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What brings people here? I’ve mentioned a few times — perhaps a few too many times — that I’m interested in (or at least entertained by) the reasons people have for arriving at this pile of self-indulgent noodling. I know that some people arrive here because they’re family or friends and they either feel obligated to take a look (“Aw mom, do I have to?” “Yes, dear. He’s your friend so you have to.”) or […]


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I’ve always blamed Shakespeare. Not for everything, of course. (My grip on reality may be somewhat tenuous at times but it’s not that bad.) No, I blame him for some things. For example, in 1973 he made me sit through an excruciatingly forgettable (but not forgettable, if you know what I mean) performance of Twelfth Night. And it’s his fault there are annoying birds that harass me when I mow the lawn (as if mowing […]