Month: December 2015


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Two hundred is a big number. Well, sometimes it’s a big number. It depends, like everything else, on context. For a TV show, for example, that’s a lot of episodes — in that context 200 is large. If I consider the number of words I know (and know how to use) then it’s small. If we’re talking Friendface friends, it’s apparently an average sort of number. (Interestingly, my total is 61.) How about, say, blog […]


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The other day I went and played in the mud. That’s not entirely true: I did go somewhere and while there was mud (quite a lot of it in fact), I wasn’t actually playing. Rather, I was embracing a minor aspect of contemporary North American middle-class culture. Pity I didn’t have a copy of Campbell with me. Perhaps I should provide some, you know, context. It’s fall in Canada. That means that it’s time for […]