Month: Nov 2015


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I didn’t shave today. Despite being touted (well, sort of) by one of the largest newspapers in the country as an authority (or at least an enthusiast) on scraping the hairs from one’s face, most days I don’t. It’s not that I think that looking like a hobo is particularly becoming, it’s just that I’m fundamentally a lazy person. And besides — I really don’t feel particularly comfortable applying sharpened steel to my throat while […]

Showing. Again.

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(Of course this isn’t about shows at all any more — if indeed it ever was — but the title is a minor tradition, thus demonstrating exactly how dumb traditions can be.) I’ve talked before — more than once — about how More Technology Is Not Always Better. In particular, I’ve talked at least four times about how this applies to arenas. (What can I say? I’m not afraid to tan the hide of a […]