Month: October 2015


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So last week we went to the farmers’ market. I’ve mentioned it before. More than once. Heck, way more than once — so many more that I can’t be bothered to count. (I think I’ve only mentioned bedpans once, though.) Anyway. We were at the market. (One of them — we have two within a couple of kilometres of the front door.)  And we were there for a reason — we needed groceries. And with […]

Waiting. Destroying.

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I’m not sure if I cheated or not. This morning, Michelle challenged me to write for fifteen minutes using the third line of the last song I heard as an inspiration. Well. The last song I listened to was from the 1967 album ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico‘ and I could find precious little inspiration in the third line of that particular song: Up to Lexington, 125 which is a street corner in Harlem where […]


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The other day I told a story about how a Person From Porlock wearing a golf shirt (Apropos to nothing, Google tells me there are five golf courses within twenty-five miles of Porlock. Good to know. I guess.) made me remember a story that I had forgotten. I then used that story to (a) babble aimlessly about ideas and where they come from, thereby boring several a few people to tears and (b) not incidentally, […]