Month: Aug 2015

Sparing (5, if you’re keeping score). Being an ill-mannered lout.

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I made Santa cry. That’s not exactly accurate — it wasn’t Santa and he didn’t cry. Except for those trivial details, I’m telling the complete, unvarnished, unembellished truth. I guess I should start at the beginning. Curling is a funny game. (I have, of course, said that before but I think I used the word ‘peculiar’, not ‘funny’.) It’s also a game with a lot of history, with a startling number of kilts and bagpipes […]

Electioneering. Not.

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So I was sitting in the Green Chair of Thinkitude listening to English musicians sing about English things (sort of) when the doorbell rang. “That’s odd” I thought. “Who could that be? I’m not really expecting anyone. Perhaps it’s an annoying politician. Maybe I’ll go be rude to him.” So I left my seat and ran (well, not really) to the door so I could behave badly. Perhaps it would be the mediocre ex-mayor. Or […]