Month: July 2015


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(Oh no, not again.) Fans are a little like nails. Well, one kind of nail anyway. A little. Sometimes. If you wear the right hat. By which I mean that the loss, absence or failure of a comparatively minor thing can have unexpected consequences. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. At the end of ‘Installing‘ I said Until they did it to us again the next year. which sort of implies a sequel to […]

(Fine) Tuning

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Everybody does it. (Despite whatever Cole says, probably not fleas, though.) I don’t mean fart (although everybody does that too) or pee (ditto) or even aspire to total global domination but rather make decisions and form opinions based on generalized (ie stereotypical) behavior. (When faceless corporations do it it’s called ‘research‘ of course.) I talked about some of the pitfalls of this process after I ate lunch on the road a couple of weeks ago. […]