Month: Jan 2015


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Everyone likes a bargain. Be it money, time, resources or whatever, people like to save it. A deal on something for lunch? Perfect. A good price on a nice dendrobium? Doubleplusgood — my black thumb means that I can always use another one. A copy of a mostly bug-free program for solving the coupled system of nonlinear differential equations that describe the growth of a bubble of false vacuum expanding into a background of true […]


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My daily newspaper says that I am a rat. Perhaps some clarification is in order. It’s not actually my daily newspaper. It’s the daily paper in Ottawa which is a couple of hours up the road. It’s called the Petfinder. It’s not actually called the Petfinder. That’s the name given to the Ottawa Citizen by a notorious (but hugely entertaining) scandal sheet in order to underline the paper’s perceived quality (or lack thereof). Once upon […]