Month: July 2014


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Canada has two official languages. There, in five words, I’ve threatened to open one of the biggest cans of worms in the entire Canadian experience: the uneasy coexistence of French Canada with English Canada. (I personally think that, overall, the existence of two strong cultural groups is a good thing — it just isn’t a ‘simplifying’ thing. It’s definitely a pervasive thing, though: five years ago Graham Fraser (Commissioner of Official Languages) was quoted as […]


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I’ve stated before that I live in Canada but I don’t think that I’ve ever mentioned if I’m Canadian. Well, I am. I was born here — not that far from the longitudinal center of the country. It’s probably a good thing that I’m native-born because I’m not sure that I could pass the exam to become a True Canadian. I mean, I wear a toque when it’s cold out, I play hockey even when […]


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In the final assignment of a non-credit course in writing that I’ve already failed, Ben asks me/us/whoever to Tell us the story of your most-prized possession. I read his mail and my first reaction was “I don’t have one.” After that, I went about my day. I mowed the lawn. (Not exactly as shown, but I like the sentiment.) I weeded the garden a little. (Is that a weed? I’m not sure — maybe I’ll […]