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The Internet is full of stuff.

Politicians tell us it’s full of ‘information.’ Gamers tell us it’s full of lag. But what it’s really full of is memes.

For example…

Kate Monster tells us that it’s really really great but she’s a little naive and forgets one teeny little thing. Her neighbor Trekkie tells her (musically, of course) that her worldview is perhaps a little narrow without once calling her ‘Horatio.’

Good going, Trekkie.

Trekkie is also being a little Horatio-ish but to be fair, he can’t help it — he’s written as being single mindedly fixated on a single thing. (And when you’re obsessed with hammers, the world tends to be viewed as being full of nothing but nails.)

There are tons of other things on the internet. There’s… I can’t think of anything right now. Fortunately, Germaine comes to the rescue:

I thought that’s what the internet was for; boobs, porn and stupid cat videos. Germaine Endez

Of course. Cat videos. How could I possibly forget cat videos? (And cat video analogues, of course.) Heck, I linked to one just the other day. I’d never done that before.

Of course, as soon as I linked to a cat video, the number of hits on this blog shot up by between one and two standard deviations (assuming that the distribution of hits is at least vaguely poissonian). Coincidence?

I sure hope so.


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