Searching. For dictators. Sort of.

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So I was navel-gazing again.

By which I mean I was looking at blog stats. Again. (Narcissism, thy name is Rose.) To my surprise I found that someone found me by entering a Google search that suggests he wasn’t looking for semi-coherent self-indulgent noodling but, rather, for programming help with the python language:

how to write a program that says good morning and then asks what time your appointment is? on python gui

I’m sorry to say that I can’t help — I’m one of the inept Perl programmers that Eric hints at and I don’t speak Python (although I recognize that it would make me a better person so I’ll learn it Real Soon Now). (Aside: I would make the claim that I’m not completely inept — once upon a time ‘they’ were contemplating spending something in the mid five figures on a software product. A colleague and I thought that was a little steep so we implemented the important bits in a three week long programming frenzy. My half was in Perl which is why I claim not to be a completely inept Perl programmer. Others might disagree.)

Of course, once I got past the flashbacks to long days with a camel, I didn’t believe that that search would lead to me. I tried it and it did but  I was even more surprised to find that, not only it lead to me but I was the first hit.  (Since then I’ve fallen to number four which seems only reasonable.)

A couple of days later it happened again — someone arrived ‘here’ (and by ‘here’ I mean here) via a Google search for

best tablet to take on a motorcycle roadtrip

Once again I was surprised. (For the record, I’m fond of the 2013 Nexus 7. It’s got a very nice display, pretty good performance, decent battery life, a reasonable price and it regularly goes on sale. I don’t claim it would be the best choice for a bike trip but it would probably do most everything you want and would be easy to fit into motorcycle luggage.)

In addition to being surprised I was also skeptical — I found it hard to believe that a search for optimal tablet hardware would lead to little old me so I tried it myself. Darned if it didn’t work: there among Google’s 9.8 million results was a link leading to the random babblings of an aging not-really-a-houseplant.

On page 9.

So the person looking for tablet reviews scrolled through eight pages of results and clicked on a link that, quite obviously, had nothing to do with his search.

I really, really, REALLY don’t understand people.


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