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Men and women are not the same.

You may have noticed this — a lot of people have. Heck, noticing it and commenting on it has maintained the career of many a comic.  Many of these comics use or embrace or exploit stereotypes — and there are a lot of stereotypes to use. If done well — if the joke or story or vignette or whatever is well-told — it might be entertaining or funny or even educational. If not, well….

One stereotype that is often used is the “person-usually-but-not-always-a-woman-who-can’t-wear-the-same-thing-as-anyone-else” one. It’s fairly common in comedy, in drama and even real life; not even the hyper-rational are immune (well, not completely). There are things about this stereotype that I don’t understand, though. Does it require identical clothes or merely similar? How similar? Does it apply to accessories? What kind of accessories? Does it include telephones?


A few days ago I dropped off a large box (not a Large Box) at a local drugstore. On the way out I was revelling in my box-free state when I passed a woman walking and texting. (And how do people do that? I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.)

She had exactly the same cell phone — case and all — that I do.

I was terribly confused. I was confused about how people other than me can do two things at once. I was confused about gender differences. I was confused about stereotypes. But mostly I was confused about who should have been embarrassed — her, me, neither of us or both of us.


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Rose Glace is the pseudonym of nobody important.

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