Blocking (part 2)

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To their credit, the local municipality provides internet access in city-owned facilities like the airport, the public square that they named after a rich guy and arenas. To their…. (what’s the opposite of credit?) they put a web filter on that internet — a web filter with some… inexplicable settings. I mean, in many ways it’s completely transparent: I can read my email, I can check to see if anyone from Albania read this drivel, I can check to see if anyone I know has uploaded a cat video to friendface. As I discovered last year, though, some things are blocked. In particular, I discovered that fiction set in the Star Trek universe (not slash fiction — although that is fairly common — just ‘normal’ stories, nothing ‘racier’ than what has appeared on broadcast television) is considered ‘adult content’ and blocked.

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

It’s not really a big deal, even if it is inexplicable. I want to read stories, I go home. Simple. I can do anything else, right?


On Thursday I was at an arena and I was… involved in a flurry of email discussing various aspects of role-playing game theory — narrative vs simulation, the ‘right’ level of abstraction, commercial vs free vs homebrew rules, stuff like that. You know, the usual. At one point someone mentioned a game I had never played. “That’s okay,” I thought “I’ll just look for an on-line review — that should tell me everything I need to know.” I found one.

It was blocked.

So not only does the city… disapprove of fan fiction, they also disapprove of role-playing games. Much like my mother.


Now that’s a creepy thought….

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