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I complain a lot.

I complain about the weather (well, everyone does), I complain about customer service, I complain about computers, I complain about municipal decision-making.

On that last subject, I’ve dedicated a fair bit of space (too much) to whining about how faceless municipal staff spend money to purchase technology that isn’t used in the best interest of the people they ‘serve.’ I promised that I’d stop doing that. I’m not actually breaking that promise because this post has nothing to do with technology. (Unless you have a fairly relaxed definition of what constitutes ‘technology.’)

When one goes to an arena to play hockey, one invariably uses a dressing room. There are various ways that one might identify the correct room but once identified, one has to find it. Fortunately, the rooms are numbered and there is always a label. A legend. A sign on the door. Something to distinguish room 1 from room 101. At the arena nearest my house, the dressing rooms are labelled by foot-high red numbers painted on the doors. (Makes things pretty simple. Even I find it hard to misunderstand and I confuse easily.) It was like that — giant red numbers on the doors — for a long time. (I’m not sure exactly how long, but many years certainly.) One day, though, an unknown genius decided that a single giant red number was too easy to miss. Too understated. Too subtle.

(To be honest, he/she may have had a point. A small point, but a point. The giant red numbers, like flat screen televisions, aren’t particularly easy to read unless one is ‘close enough’ to being in front of it/them. That’s never been a problem for me but I can see it being a problem for some people.)  Extra signage was deemed valuable so it was added — signs over the doors that could be read from a significant distance away. Perfect.

Or not.

Two numbers — one giant, one smaller — is clearly not enough. In the last few months someone came to that conclusion and so a third sign was added, smaller than the other two but with two different numbers on it, not one.

Everything is so much clearer now.

What do you think the room number is?

What do you think the room number is?

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