Month: February 2014


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(There’s a subtitle to this, but it’s too long to include up there; if there was room it would be something like “An open letter to the Bell Canada Vice President in charge of Residential Services.”  Unwieldy.) (The subtitle will become relevant in a bit — if you want to skip ahead to that I don’t be offended. How could I be — there’s no way I could possibly even know.) I am not a […]


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Last Monday was a holiday. It wasn’t one of the Big Five nationwide statutory holidays or anything; it was one of the ones that aren’t observed everywhere — this one is observed in about half the provinces in the country but not by all employers within those provinces. It’s a bit of a dog’s breakfast, really. All I really know is that Ms. Rose had the day off so we made a list of stuff […]


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I complain a lot. I complain about the weather (well, everyone does), I complain about customer service, I complain about computers, I complain about municipal decision-making. On that last subject, I’ve dedicated a fair bit of space (too much) to whining about how faceless municipal staff spend money to purchase technology that isn’t used in the best interest of the people they ‘serve.’ I promised that I’d stop doing that. I’m not actually breaking that […]


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Once upon a time, a pair of middle-aged brothers, both writers, were sitting by the Ionian sea drinking turpentine flavored wine and discussing mule urine and Their Art. The older brother asked the younger if he was working on anything. The younger brother replied that he was putting together a book of anecdotes and stories that he felt were worth writing down but that he had never been able to find a ‘place’ for. (The […]


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I played hockey on Monday. That’s not really much of an accomplishment (or even a surprise) since, as I’ve mentioned before, Monday is hockey day. (Except in summer — season of the snowclone, I guess — when Tuesday is the new Monday. Or something like that. You can’t fool me, though — that doesn’t apply because it isn’t summer. The meter of snow on the rose bushes was enough of a hint, even for me.) […]