Month: Jan 2014

Connecting. And protecting.

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Some things are ubiquitous. Scantily-clad women in a game (rpg, video, it doesn’t seem to matter much). People who use jargon completely out of context in a bizarre attempt to appear cool. (No matter what anyone might say, nerds are not ‘cool.’) The internet. I don’t claim that’s a bad thing, of course, but it is a thing. It has… insinuated itself into (some) people’s lives in many ways, from the subtle to the… not-so-much. […]


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The world is full of religious wars. When I say “religious wars” I’m not referring to the daughter of Hope and Fear or to shooty things where stuff blows up. No, I’m referring to differences of opinion that become… intense. Too intense. If people disagree about, say, whether hot dogs are better than hamburgers, they’ll probably agree to disagree. But if they disagree over which end of a boiled egg to crack? That might lead […]