Month: November 2013


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The other day, in a radical break from my usual practice, I arrived at the arena for hockey early. In fact, I was the first person there. It felt weird. Since I was early I couldn’t just look for an occupied dressing room so I checked out the clipboard hanging by the door. As usual, it appeared that no room had been assigned to us. (The expensive HD display was no help either — it […]


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There’s this illustration. I won’t say that ‘everyone’ has seen it, I won’t say that ‘you’ have seen it but a lot of people have; it’s moderately famous. (Probably because it was used as the cover art for an issue of The New Yorker some years back.) It illustrates a couple of points but I’m mainly thinking of one: People tend to think of things that are farther away than some critical distance as just […]


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Sometimes I don’t think things through. (That’s a sort of sideways way of saying that sometimes I can be pretty dumb.) When I buy ‘most’ things, I tend to use cash rather than other, um, ‘alternatives.’ (I’ve stated my opinion of things like debit cards before). A consequence of this is that, from time to time, I have to go get more. Last week, for example, I ran out of cash on Friday which meant […]

Upgrading. And freezing.

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It occurred to me the other day that its been a while since I droned on and on (but not like Graham Chapman) about some obscure, trivial and uninteresting aspect of technology. There has been no recent moaning about my crippling envelope phobia (blue or otherwise). There has been no self-righteous whining about IT vendors proving yet again that Schiller was, if anything, an optimist. There have been no squick-laden moments describing inventive (yet still […]