Watering (Not really)

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This is really just (you have to imagine the air quotes around ‘just’) a PS to ‘Showing.’ (Apparently that means that I’m pretentious. Sorry.) It won’t make a whole lot of sense without having read ‘Showing’ first. (Does this stuff ever make sense? I’m not sure that I need an answer to that. Consider the question rhetorical.)

Today we were at a farmer’s market. This particular farmer’s market is in a parking lot — the parking lot of an arena. (Starting in a couple of weeks, I’ll be playing hockey there on Thursdays, but it’s close enough to home that there won’t be much opportunity for musical epiphanies on the drive over.) Anyway, we were there and since my rant on blackboards and television sets and appropriate use of technology was fresh in my mind I decided to look through the door. I saw three things.

First of all, I saw a sign that said “WET PAINT ON FLOOR.” (I was wondering why it looked so clean.) Secondly I saw no blackboard. Thirdly, I saw a large screen TV set — it would appear that Progress has arrived at the old M Center.

But, as mentioned, Newer is not always Better. Because what did I see on the television set? I saw a Helpful Announcement from the City. The Announcement was to the effect that lawn-watering restrictions would soon be upon us.

On June 15.

Damn, I love technology.

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