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I was never a boy scout, but I understand the motto (to an extent).

I even stole it once. Sort of.

(Oh, all right. Many (better make that at least two ‘many’s) years ago I was on the school debating team. At one competition I had to debate an articulate and intelligent young lady on the concept of cowardice as a virtue. I took the point of view that a society based on cowardice would of necessity Be Prepared for a wide range of circumstances because they would know that individuals, being cowards, would be disinclined to heroics. I won but we were both shellacked in the next round.)

Where was I? Oh, yah — preparedness is (or can be) good. Sometimes, though… Sometimes it’s…done wrong.. Consider the immortal words of Dan Quayle if you want proof.

Monday was hockey. I’ve commented before that I’m not a particularly good player. Heck, I’m pretty darned bad — not always the worst one on the ice, but often. I’ve mentioned before (‘Expecting‘) that my goals are low when I play.

When I drove to hockey yesterday (the city, in their infinite wisdom, built the new arena in an industrial park that you need to take a highway to get to) there was something unexpected in the parking lot.

Paramedics. Sitting. Waiting. They watched me arrive with moderate interest.

I know I’m a bad player, but that seemed just a tad… overprepared.

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