Month: August 2013


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So I had this appointment. It was a doctor’s appointment at a largish clinic-y thing at which there were lots of things: lots of doctors, lots of nurses, lots of patients patiently waiting, lots of chairs in the waiting room, lots of offices, lots of little examination rooms full of machines that go ping and specially chilled examination tables covered with lots of paper (chilling paper isn’t really feasible, so they make it extra-crinkly instead). […]


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The other day I wrote a thing (‘Remembering‘) that was, in an early-ish draft, a not even thinly disguised rant about the shipping/courier industry in general and one company in particular. I changed that. I changed it, not because the industry doesn’t richly deserve ridicule and abuse — I think it does — but rather because it sucked. No matter how I fiddled with it, I couldn’t make it work. (Whatever ‘work’ means in this […]

Remembering (an upgrade)

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Sometimes memory works in funny ways. The other day was another road trip to The County; I discussed a recent one in ‘Embracing‘ but two weeks after the events described there we did it again with a few changes — slightly different participants, slightly different venues, slightly different food, significantly different roads.  Another difference (quantitative, not qualitative) is that I took the wrong road rather more often than usual. It wasn’t a big deal, though. […]

Grouping (more polite than the other choice)

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I went on a little while ago about things that frighten me. If I change the verb to ‘dislike’ then it becomes really quite an extensive list. Today several of the things on that list ganged up on me all at once. After that introduction, I’m going to change the subject for a while. (Actually, I’m not — it just looks that way.) To news. I’ve mentioned news once before, in passing. Usenet news is, […]


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I was never a boy scout, but I understand the motto (to an extent). I even stole it once. Sort of. (Oh, all right. Many (better make that at least two ‘many’s) years ago I was on the school debating team. At one competition I had to debate an articulate and intelligent young lady on the concept of cowardice as a virtue. I took the point of view that a society based on cowardice would […]