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I’ve mentioned before that my initial training (Well, university isn’t exactly ‘initial’ but whatever. Perhaps I should say ‘my first educational experience as an adult — or at least a nominal adult’ but that’s kind of long-winded. It doesn’t flow. It doesn’t sing. I think I’ll stick with ‘initial’ despite its obvious inaccuracy.) was in physics. In Physics 105 (good course, long gone) the long-suffering Dr. B managed — despite my best efforts — to teach me a few things, some of which I remember to this day. Three of those are

  • F=ma
  • You can’t push a string.
  • All physicists are arrogant bastards.

Over the years I’ve never had cause to doubt the veracity of these three things.

But why am I telling you this? Why am I inflicting these Newtonian (and non-Newtonian, I suppose) lessons on the entire world (including Latvia)?  For that you have to recall factoid number 3 — you need a little arrogance to think that your maunderings are (a) worth writing down and (b) worth reading. (The latter is probably more significant.)

To generalize a bit — it’s not just restricted to physicists: I would make the claim that (for example) writers — especially folks who shout into the void on blogs — need a little arrogance — perhaps not as much as Appin Dungannon (sorry — he’s an extremely arrogant writer that dies in the excellent novel ‘Bimbos of the Death Sun.’) but some.

And I am an arrogant bastard, after all. Dr. B told me so himself.

Something else that I think bloggers often have — or, rather, something that I think people think that bloggers often have — is a streak of something akin to narcissism: how else does one explain the impressive array of tools that the blog-site-providers provide to the bloggers to track access: How many hits did their scribblings get? How many people generated those hits? Where did they come from? What did they read? What were they looking for? Did they wear boxers or briefs? (Well, maybe not that last one, but a lot of stuff.)

I was feeding my inner narcissist last night and noticed a few things. I nodded sagely at the hits from Canada. I looked surprised (but pleasantly I hope) at the hits from Vietnam. I looked unsurprised that there were no hits from Latvia. Then I saw something unexpected.

In the section labelled ‘Search Engine Terms’ were the results of (I assume) the Google search that brought someone here. That section is normally empty, but last night it said

blog peeing


When I was an annoying kid (as opposed to an annoying adult) I would often bookend my antics with things like “Watch this, Mommy!” and “Did you watch? Did you watch?” In Ms. Rose’s family the trailing bookend often went something like “Are you beaming, Mummy?”

Last night I sure was.

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Rose Glace is the pseudonym of nobody important.


  1. Geoffie-kins says

    When I created my first personal webpage, I had a meta tag of ‘maybe this will help Pinky get those goats into those latex stockings’. Quickly, I started getting a lot of hits. I eventually learned about the refer logs and then learned a lot of people were searching for ‘latex stockings’. I was happy to keep them frustrated just that little bit longer.


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