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This morning I learned the real reason that connectivity is important.

Three of us (myself, Ms. Rose and MIP) were sitting around and for reasons that I don’t remember (and didn’t even understand at the time), the conversation veered from generations of cicada to the origin of the sound made by a Star Trek phaser.

I’ve established before (‘Reading‘) that Star Trek is ‘adult content’ but even so, none of us ‘adults’ knew. “I know” Ms. Rose said (she’s often rather cleverer than I) “you could ask MIP2.” MIP2 (aka Brimstone Boy) is another minor internet personality — he’s one of the administrators of the Best Damn Star Trek Resource On The Planet.

So I did; I happen to know his number and he hadn’t peed on his phone yet.

See? Connectivity (and connections!) is (are?) important.

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Rose Glace is the pseudonym of nobody important.


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