Localizing — another visit.

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In ‘Localizing‘ I mentioned how agricultural products can be deemed ‘local’ if they’re produced within the same province and that, for some provinces, this can mean a distance of over two thousand kilometers.

This past weekend there was a vaguely related story in a newspaper that I don’t read. Briefly, the story said that there was a bill passed by the federal government that amended an eighty-year-old law (the 1928 “Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act”) to relax various restrictions on selling and shipping wine across provincial borders for personal use. The story goes that the amendment didn’t affect the rights of provinces to regulate the possession, movement and sale of wine. Apparently most provinces, sensing a possible loss of revenue, haven’t bothered to change their regulations. It mentions Ontario (where I live) as being one of the problem children. The story quotes a winemaker from British Columbia as saying

It just seems so ludicrous to me that we make a home grown product. It’s local. It’s Canadian. […]

H’m. That’s four thousand kilometers away.

Apparently national is local. Now I’m even more confused.

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