Labelling. Rogering.

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So I ran some errands.

The first thing I bought was charcoal, because I’m a luddite that doesn’t much like those newfangled gas barbecue thingys. Hank Hill would hate me (he sells propane barbecues and often quotes his employer’s slogan: taste the meat, not the heat) although he does have some good ideas.

The first thing I noticed was the size of the bag: 15.7 lbs or 7.12 kg.  Those are darned odd numbers. Not ‘odd’ as in ‘odd vs even’ but ‘odd’ as in “That’s an unusual choice.” I mean, most products are produced in a metric or an Imperial size and the ‘other’ number is calculated and printed on the label for conformity with whatever regulations are relevant where the product is sold.  This usually implies that at least one of the two numbers will be a round number. In fact, this is true of this product — the store’s web site lists a 15.7 pound bag but for unknown reasons has a photo of an 18 pound (8.16 kg) one. So that sometimes the manufacturer does put things in ’round’ sized packages.  But 15.7? 7.12?  Why? And why would you manufacture a 15.7 lb bag and an 18 lb bag? What’s up with that?  The music in the car, though, made me forget where I left my observational glasses.

That’s not what I was going to talk about.

Down the street is a small store (like a supermarket but much, much smaller and locally-owned) where I’ve shopped regularly for thirty years.  While standing in the check-out line I looked at a row of shopping carts with those pole anti-theft thingies. At the top of one of the poles there was a jolly roger. I thought of asking the same thing as above (What’s up with that?) but instead I just smiled.

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