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So I was changing for hockey and in walked a bass player. (There’s a picture here. The CBC hid the picture but it’s there; he’s the one second from the right, with the buttons. His band plays a song called ‘Anal Leakage’ — it’s on the CBC page.)

I was glad to see him for at least two reasons. First of all, he represented A Sub — before he arrived it was looking like we’d be playing for an hour with no one on the bench. I hate that. Secondly, his arrival meant that I wasn’t the last person through the door. I hate that too.

Part of my ‘changing-into-hockey-equipment’ ritual involves spreading shampoo all over my hockey glasses and wiping it off.  I mean, spit works too, but it’s a little grosser. When I was doing that today, there were only the two of us left; he asked what I was doing, I explained. He inquired about my hockey glasses — I mentioned that I’ve had them for a long time — a very long time. They used to be my everyday glasses until I took a softball in the head while playing shortstop. (I think — I don’t remember that day all that well.) How long ago was that, he asked. Nineteen seventy-eight.

“Oh. I’m as old as your glasses.”


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Rose Glace is the pseudonym of nobody important.


  1. Little Vector Mangler says

    It’s pretty impressive you can still see through them at all — most folks’ prescriptions change a lot close to age 40.

    Does the shampoo also help fill in scratches?


    • It’s not all that important to have ‘perfect’ vision to play pick-up hockey. And besides, my eyes haven’t changed much since I was fifteen. Scratches aren’t really a problem; they might be if I was remotely competent, of course.


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