Month: May 2013


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So today we (Ms. Rose and I) wandered through a neighbourhood event designed to draw attention to a couple of new businesses. There was a singer (mentioned briefly in ‘Reprising‘),¬†sandwiches, smoothies, several dogs and a lady driving a Lexus that frightened me. While we were there we bumped in to an old friend — someone I met online (for some definition of ‘online’) some years ago and who, in those days, was named after a […]


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Canadians — at least, many of the ones I’ve known — often have a fairly… relaxed attitude toward distance. The fact that ‘we’ live in a large, somewhat sparsely populated country probably has something to do with that. This starts fairly close to home, so to speak: I’ve mentioned recently that a little old lady (she hates being called that) was quick to plan a practical joke that would involve driving four and a half […]


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I recently passed (not ‘passed’ like a kidney stone; that’s slightly different and significantly more painful) a minor (some people would be tempted to say insignificant; I would include myself in that group) milestone. I received well-wishes from friends and Ms. Rose gave me clothing that proclaims me not to be Jon Pertwee (although he’s somewhat better preserved than I am). Last night I spoke to Sir Rose on the phone. A moment to explain: […]