Reading. And blocking.

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I’ve mentioned before — several times, ad nauseum — that I don’t like airports.

Last week, a friend flew into town and, not being a total schmuck, I met the plane. The carrier, inevitably, was late; as a result I arrived a little early. It’s a small airport and it was the last flight of the day so it was just me, a sleepy-looking security person and a couple of ground crew in shorts. They were outside and security lady was dozing at her desk so I didn’t have much of a problem finding a seat. Near the window,even.

But being early I had to pass a little time. No problem, I thought — there’s wireless so I can check my mail, check friendface, obsessively check blog stats and in general nurture my not-so-inner narcissist.

That took about two minutes at which point there still wasn’t an airplane. “I know” I thought, “I’ll do some reading.”

The people who sell electronic books probably like it when people say things like that. Unfortunately for them, I don’t ‘do’ e-books for a variety of reasons you don’t care about. No, I read fiction online. Which means (typically) amateur fiction. And also usually means fan fiction.

There are a few things I should say about fan fiction. First of all, like pretty much every form of human expression, Sturgeon’s Law applies.

In other words, the quality varies wildly but some of it is quite good. It’s often better than you might expect, possibly because in many fanfic communities it’s the norm to have an editor (or a beta as he’s often called) look at your work before publication. (As opposed to most blogs — including this one — where there’s no external quality control whatsoever. And boy does it show sometimes.)

There’s fan fiction for everything but some ‘universes’ are more popular than others. The Harry Potter universe, for example, is a quite popular setting for fanfic authors. So is the Twilight universe. I, however, have no interest in either of those, but one other popular universe is the Star Trek universe. I like Star Trek. Mostly.

So at the airport I finished my rampant narcissism and surfed to one of my ‘favourite’ Star Trek fanfic sites. Or at least I tried. Because, instead of the expected somewhat garish web site was a severed head. The severed head that’s the logo of a company that makes, among other things, web content filters.

Apparently, Star Trek fiction is ‘adult content’. Who knew?

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