Counting (down)

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Fuelled by whimsy, I toyed with the idea of putting a countdown in the sidebar (over there, under the calendar) to the 32-bit end of the world which will happen in the year 2038. But it wouldn’t let me — when I entered the date it moved it back in time. This is an utterly trivial issue, but I was surprised at WordPress’ insistence that 2038 apparently isn’t going to happen.



  1. Little Vector Mangler says

    related aside: Falsehoods programmers believe about time:
    Ouch. I’m ashamed to admit to having made 6 (of the 34) assumptions on the list, though I think only 3 blew up something I coded. I don’t count assumptions like “one minute on the system clock would never be more than an hour” because I haven’t coded anything that would USE that assumption.
    Gotta say, the effort spent on ​time​/duration edge cases is the most I’ve spent for the least visible results of anything, except maybe for parsing strings into tokens.


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