Month: Apr 2013


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I’m returning to the well again. By that I mean on old story that involves…. perhaps I should find a different metaphor. It’s Selma Blair‘s fault. In a roundabout way, of course. Let me explain. She was in Hellboy. A few nights ago she was a guest on a late night talk show. For reasons that I’m not sure I heard or understood, she and the host talked a great deal about her legs; apparently […]

Reading. And blocking.

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I’ve mentioned before — several times, ad nauseum — that I don’t like airports. Last week, a friend flew into town and, not being a total schmuck, I met the plane. The carrier, inevitably, was late; as a result I arrived a little early. It’s a small airport and it was the last flight of the day so it was just me, a sleepy-looking security person and a couple of ground crew in shorts. They […]

Singing. And Drinking.

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Curling has a long and well-deserved reputation for being a sport that, um,¬† how do I put this delicately? Often attracts people who like to imbibe. To indulge. To drink. I hinted at this before in ‘Losing‘ where I mentioned that virtually every curling club in the country has a bar. (Heck, in some clubs the playing surface is licensed.) There’s a persistent story (if it’s not true it should be) that not all that […]

Counting (down)

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Fuelled by whimsy, I toyed with the idea of putting a countdown in the sidebar (over there, under the calendar) to the 32-bit end of the world¬†which will happen in the year 2038. But it wouldn’t let me — when I entered the date it moved it back in time. This is an utterly trivial issue, but I was surprised at WordPress’ insistence that 2038 apparently isn’t going to happen.