Month: January 2013


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There is a theory — or at least a certain amount of discussion — about snacks.  This is far from being an important topic, of course, but certain activities call out for snacks. Gaming, for example. For gaming (I’m speaking of rpgs here), certain snacks seem to ‘work’ better than others. (Google ‘gaming snacks’ with or without quotes for, well, lots of discussion on the topic. Everyone seems to have an opinion. This is not […]

Breaking (Postscript)

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This is not a story. Rather. it is an addendum to a story. A postscript if you will. Not a PostScript, because that’s something different and also because I deplore studlycaps except as a joke — when done seriously it’s pretentious and shows a certain contempt for literacy and language and usage. Everything except advertising and marketing and trademarks and making some fat rich guy fatter and richer. But I’m ranting. It’s also a test […]

Wedding. Part 2.

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After writing “Wedding” I was thinking a bit about the other weddings I’ve been to — there’s a story or two in the ones that I ‘just’ attended. Like the time I ruined my sister’s wedding. Like the other time I ruined my sister’s wedding. Like the time I more-or-less called the bride’s great aunt Nellie an old bat. Like the time when… but you get the idea. Some years back an old high school […]