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There is a theory — or at least a certain amount of discussion — about snacks.  This is far from being an important topic, of course, but certain activities call out for snacks. Gaming, for example. For gaming (I’m speaking of rpgs here), certain snacks seem to ‘work’ better than others. (Google ‘gaming snacks’ with or without quotes for, well, lots of discussion on the topic. Everyone seems to have an opinion. This is not a polemic about my opinions on the subject. Well, not really.)

In particular, various combinations of sweet, salty, fatty and caffeine seem to work. Case in point — a traditional combination has always been something like cola (sweet+caffeine) and chips (salt+fat). This is ‘traditional’, but not the only thing that ‘works’. For example, I tend to prefer iced tea and cookies — this follows the pattern but kind of doubles up on the sweet at the expense of salt. This doesn’t represent any sort of philosophical objection to salty snacks (I’m perfectly willing to steal someone else’s), although anyone my age is usually advised to limit his sodium intake.

Note that, while this may be ‘traditional’, sometimes things range rather farther afield.  We occasionally have things like cake or pie, for example. These aren’t entirely ideal because they sort of require utensils and plates and stuff so they’re more of an interlude. A break. An interregnum. A pause. Gaming tends to stop when such things are consumed. The same goes for things like (say) pizza. Only more so — it tends to push “snack” over the line into “meal”, which sort of defeats the whole purpose.

Perhaps the most “out there” snack we’ve ever had was when M. le Tuyeau brought homemade Stilton pate and fresh baguettes. It was excellent at the same time as being somehow…. wrong. He never brought it again.

But the award for most… unfortunate gamer snack ever (at least for our group) has to belong to dried apricots.  I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “That’s not unfortunate. Except for potentially poisonous added chemicals, that’s real food.” And you’d be right — up to a point. It’s that “up to a point” thing because….

I don’t remember who brought them. I do remember what was brought — a huge bag. Several pounds — at least three. Big enough that several of us ate them like chips.

All night.

There were leftovers, but the next week no one would touch them.

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