Month: Jan 2013

Queueing. And debiting.

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Saturday started off well with breakfast at the Insomniac Capriform cafe. It was excellent even though I sort of made fun of the cook’s hat.  After breakfast and a short walk it was time for errands. Because that’s sort of what Saturdays are for. The first errand involved groceries: lunch for the week, stuff like that; the exact details aren’t important. The only relevant thing was that there wasn’t much so it was off to […]

Expecting. And barfing.

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I know what you’re thinking (and my name is neither Harry nor Thomas). You’re thinking that the title is a reference to pregnancy and morning sickness — maybe it’s an obscure Kate Middleton reference or something. It’s not. It’s more about expectations but I don’t think ‘expectationing’ is a word. (If it is, it shouldn’t be.) Not ‘lowered’ expectations especially; more about expectations at an… appropriate level. And knowing what is appropriate. For example, my […]


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In a recent post, I mentioned this web site (WordPress) by name. I have commented elsewhere that I (apparently like some others) dislike studlycaps, so when I spelled ‘WordPress’ I used a capital W and that’s it. Their software clearly scans for the name and studly-izes it. Ick.

Spamming. Part 2.

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This is just some musings ‘inspired’ (if that’s the right word) by a comment I received on a throwaway post. WordPress had just told me that it had blocked the one-hundredth piece of spam that this blog had received. That’s more or less five pieces of spam for every posting.  I was surprised by how little I was surprised, if that makes sense. Over the last twenty-plus years, I’ve installed, maintained and administered several different […]