Month: Dec 2012


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I hate line ups. That may be putting things a little too emphatically. They’re usually just another part of day to day life — something that just happens. Something, if not ignorable, at least forgettable. Sometimes, though, things….  happen to change that. One of my pet peeves, for example, is (are?) debit cards: I’m standing in line with my eight-items-or-less and the person in front of me is paying for his Jos. Louis (or whatever) […]


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Weddings. Four of them. No funeral, though. And no Hugh Grant analogue, either. Like ‘many’ other people, over the years I’ve been asked to be in wedding parties from time to time. Four times, even. In my case, this has meant best man. Which is a stupid name, really. The ‘best’ part, I mean. It implies… things. It suggests values. What it really means, though, is that you’re not busy that weekend and you have […]

Peeing (again). And breaking. And tagging.

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First of all, a warning of sorts: as I start this I have no ending in mind so it may well be rather… lamer than usual. I don’t go out of my way to be lame, I just am. Secondly, for reasons that I don’t understand, I feel an urge to tell you (I don’t know why — it’s not even remotely relevant) that this is being written while listening to this. With all of […]


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These are some thoughts dredged up because of the recent (Dec 1/2012 at 0300 Eastern time) shutdown of the game City of Heroes. They’re not really related to the shutdown itself but it did cause me to think back on a lot of things from the last eight and a half years. I’m not going to talk much about the shutdown itself; other folks have done that at length and I can’t add all that […]