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Not that long ago, I learned that one of my oldest friends in the world (well, I have the odd one that I’ve known longer, but most of them no longer speak to me) has a blog. This isn’t that surprising, the folks that run this site claim that there are almost 57 million ‘sites’ on wordpress.com.

It isn’t obvious to me what the definition of a ‘site’ is. Earlier this year (March), someone at nielsenwire.com referenced a study that I haven’t read that claimed that something between 7 and 19 million people publish blogs and that there were over 180 million blogs in the world at some point in 2011.

I found some other sites with numbers that I found equally unhelpful.

I have no idea how they came up with those numbers. Taken together, though, they suggest something that I wouldn’t have expected; they appear to be suggesting that on average each blogger has more than 8 blogs. This seems odd; as a result I don’t know if I believe any of the numbers. At the very least, I suspect that their definitions probably don’t align all that well with mine.  (They make other claims: most bloggers are female.  Strike 1. Half are under 35. Strike 2.  Most have some post-secondary education. Base hit! A noticeable percentage are mothers. Trips over the bag rounding first. And so on.)

Whatever. It’s probably enough to say that there are lots of bloggers out there.  Which means it’s not really much a surprise that a good friend is one. I shouldn’t call him a narcissist. Stuff like that.

This friend is an extremely clever individual. When we were students, he almost single-handedly got me through my second year. (I think elsewhere this would be called my sophomore year, but we don’t really use that terminology Up Here.) First year I didn’t need much help — heck, I played D&D the night before my most important final exam. And third year, well, he went to Europe to do research. Me? I leeched answers off of other people. He went on to a career doing things that Make A Difference. Me? Not so much. I told people that the email they received from a disease-riddled african prince was bogus. It didn’t help.

Anyway, he has this blog. (Note added later: this one too.) In it he talks about things in a thoughtful, reasoned way. In one posting, for example, he tries to calculate the carbon footprint of a real Christmas tree and compare it to the carbon footprint of a fake one. With numbers. With citations. With, you know, data. (Data? No cat videos? That’s practically anti-internet.)

I haven’t read everything that’s there yet but there’s at least one ongoing theme — the exploration of issues related to the earth and its future. Calculation of carbon footprints. Reviews of books on environmental and social issues. Vignettes about hiking and birding.

Me? My first-ever post (well, aside from the obligatory ‘test’ one) was about public urination.

See the difference? It’s a little subtle but I think you should be able to see it.

Is there a point to all of this? I’m not sure. I was, what? Happy? Entertained? Reassured? that a friend was shouting into the void too. At the same time, he was shouting content and I was/am shouting…. nothing. At least nothing of substance.

Should I turn over a new leaf?

Nah. Urine is funnier.

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