Month: October 2012


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Not that long ago, I learned that one of my oldest friends in the world (well, I have the odd one that I’ve known longer, but most of them no longer speak to me) has a blog. This isn’t that surprising, the folks that run this site claim that there are almost 57 million ‘sites’ on It isn’t obvious to me what the definition of a ‘site’ is. Earlier this year (March), someone at […]

Courting. Sort of.

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For unknown reasons there is a theme of sorts to this post. Sort of. When I was driving to hockey, iTunes had one of its little fits and strung together several songs by Patti Smith without being asked to. Among them was this. And that song spent the next several days stuck in my head. I don’t think this has anything remotely to do with the story — I just thought that it was entertaining. […]


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Seeing as how it’s now fall, winter sports have started to ramp up. This is, for example, the first week with two hockey ‘games’; I’ve mentioned before that I ‘play’. That started in practically the first week that I was in grad school. I was sitting in my office (more like a small barn, really, there were four of us in there) looking for the error in a recent paper when in walked a ‘senior’ […]


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I am not a poster child for, um, “looking one’s best.” For one thing, I’m not a child despite a distressing tendency to act like one more than is strictly appropriate. Call it a character flaw. Better start a list. Leave plenty of room. For another, well, I am kind of a slob. Today, for example, I threw on an old-enough-to-be-comfortable pair of shorts, a camouflage-pattern T-shirt with a Batman logo on it, white cotton […]