Month: September 2012


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Once upon a time, gaming (In this context, I’m referring to tabletop Role-Playing Games; In The Beginning there wasn’t much more than Dungeons and Dragons but these days there are easily several hundred. A large but incomplete list is here. You could, if you were interested, find a better one. I couldn’t be bothered so I wouldn’t think less of you if you didn’t either.) was a young person’s game. I almost said “young man’s […]


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I like wineries. I could say “we” like wineries because this is something I share with Ms. Rose although her reasons are not what you’d call ‘identical’ to mine. For one thing, I don’t drink wine. At all.¬† Most businesses that don’t sell a product I use, well, I ignore them.¬† The folks that make marmite? The folks that make SPAM? Disney? Wineries are different. For one thing, they’re sort of like pizza places (sort […]


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Being as how it’s Monday, I’m kind of stinky and in a slightly reflective mood. Mostly because I’m tired. Because Monday is hockey day. Once upon a time, the geology graduate students got together to play hockey; in an unsurprising piece of nomenclature this was called ‘grad hockey.’ Many of them were quite skilled so it was at a fairly high level for a pick-up game. Knowing how such things work it was inevitable that […]

Singing. Road trip 2012, part 1.

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This spring, Ms. Rose and I spent a week on the road enjoying the spring, annoying friends,¬†tormenting small children, photographing behinds and hanging from ziplines. This is a summary published as a public service to help stamp out insomnia wherever it occurs. You can thank me later. So there was work stress. (I’ll describe some of the details of that elsewhere.) At the peak of this came an offer from the Maryland sailors (well, they […]


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It’s sort of a joke that one of the minor advantages of being male is that the Great Outdoors presents few obstacles when one needs to micturate. To urinate. To pee. Whatever. It’s also an old joke that, whenever one Assumes The Position, one can count on someone coming along and seeing you, thereby causing some amount of embarrassment (the actual amount depends on circumstances). That’s the preamble. On a recent sunny Saturday, Ms Rose […]